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Jul 15

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Jul 4

I would say that my life is spiralling out of control, except I already think that it’s crash landed to hell and self combusting

Apr 17

Anonymous said: hi my name's reagan. and i love your blog. and sticking up for yourself.
i love you<3

firststarinyoureye-deactivated2 said: oh danielle, how are you so strong?

Apr 4

I am sick of plaguing myself, I cant guarantee anything but this is my word that I will try for everyone I have the honour of being loved by. Therefore, im not going to be using this blog anymore. I have made another tumblr, which like this one will be used purely for personal use and whether i want to share that with everyone im yet to decide. I’m not going to delete it completely purely for the fact that i want to be able to look back in this in (hopefully) years to come and see ‘how far ive come’. I may use this if i ever feel the need to once again blog about the psychological trauma in my life, but for now i think it all needs to be put to rest.

Apr 1

Anonymous said: people like and you some people fucking hate you. you kind of brought this h8mail on yourself by posting that letter on here and then not actually dying. yeah, it's their choice to come on here but maybe they are doing it for shitz and gigz and to take the piss. and them BOOM you give them something to rave on about and prove out lame you can be. im sure, like all of these poeple have said, you are beautiful girl but fucking watch what you post on here, or anywhere on the internet if you dont want to be blasted with peoples opinions. something tells me though, that you're getting off on this attention you're getting from all this shit. you can deny it all you like

"and then not actually dying" people are missing the fact that that wasnt my intention, i clinically should not be here. the fact that people would need to delve so deeply into my life & issues as to feel the need to make absurd comments on it just for ‘shitz n gigz’ just reinfornces to me how much i loathe society. please dont tell me to ‘fucking watch’ anything, i dont mind being blasted with peoples opinions from things that i post, also the reason why im ok with being ‘fucking hated’. its when the comments and logic behind it are  so far from the truth and reality that i need to make my point clear.

Anonymous said: your only posting the questions you can make up fiesty answers to lolllllllll

actually no, dana was so offended by some of the filth that i was sent so she deleted them before i could read them

Anonymous said: kalzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Anonymous said: pull your head out of your ass man, sympathy votes aren't won by pretentious suicide notes & pictures of you harming yourself. you know you aren't like that. you're secure enough to post this shit on the web but insecure enough to harm yourself? its pretty contradicting. you've had the world and more at your feet, you have family and friends. you have a home. you're healthy. why do you western society fucks constant persist to be so greedy. happiness doesn't come from this bullshit. you're alive. live your life. conquer it, don't sit around and cry over superficial bullshit. and before you tell me i don't know and whatever , i do. i know better than anyone else. you can either sit around and complain or show people who is boss. good luck chick, thoughts are with you

key words:

"you’ve had the world and more at your feet”

happiness doesn’t come from this bullshit.”

Mar 30

bruisedandbattered said: its going to have a 'holla at ma grrl d mizzle' on the back just for you

phwoarh, here i was thinking i was going to have to claim that i was a fan right from day 1 but i feel very reassured now knowing that i get my very own shoutout

Anonymous said: wow you could have been a little nicer in your reply about annabelle? she is human too. its surprising how you can be so judgemental. HA.

judgemental shmudgemental. why would i need to make that ‘nicer’? i just felt the need to blatantly make note that there is a distinct difference between her and i, being human is all that we’d have in common from my observations

bruisedandbattered said: yeah thanks for liking our rap song danielle, ur da b3st :)

just waiting around for the day when i can buy your boys’ ‘vlahov the gay cunt of dick lake’ (or something) album to be honest… haha

Anonymous said: yeah but you post things on tumblr, isn't that practically the same kind of thing

bullshit it is.she’d have around 600 friend on facebook? thats shes blatantly whinging to whether they want to hear it or not.yet when people click onto MY tumblr, they obviously have a care for what has to come out of my mouth.. otherwise they wouldnt be reading it or they can click the little red x in the top corner of their page. regardless…i am not annabelle

athousandcolouredlights said: It can be overwhelming when so many know about your suffering and try to make you feel better when all you want to do is hide from the world.
But know that people don't want you to get better for their own peace of mind, they want you to be better and happier because they care about you. It's all for you, all the love and kind words, because you are important.

And if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always around.

thanks jack, your becoming quite the saint in my eyes with all this wisdom

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